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16-Sep-2017 19:45

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They have reduced negative feedback for a tad less clean headroom, which can translate as warmer at lower volumes or slightly more distorted at higher volumes. The funny thing is, the sound was fantastic, but there was a massive buzz—likely bad lead dress or crappy filter caps. As hallpass noted, it's not all that different than a standard Deluxe Reverb. Here is a copy/paste from another board with my thoughts (you can also read the rest of the thread): TL; DR: sounds great, build quality is spotty, if you get a good working one new with 5 year warranty, it would serve you well.

The Custom Deluxe has a bassman voiced channel and also has its bright cap removed on the other channel which is otherwise voiced like the blackface Deluxe reissue. I read this and some other threads discussing the amp.

While I really like this amp, when it's working, if I could do it all over, I would go with the Princeton Reverb. It has that beautiful tube tone that fills the room with warmth.

The problem is that it's at the amp tech right now for the second time in under a year. I tried the 65 RI first and found it to be too bright for my taste.

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They both use the same component board, and the 'Bassman'-channel only differs in tone cap values and probably a different value slope resistor. The schematic and layout for the 68 custom series are not on the Fender support website yet, but the 65 ri uses the same board, so you could use that schematic (- amplifier schematics).

You could replace them for the values in the 65 ri schematic, but I wouldn't, it's useful to have two differently voiced channels imho. I got the custom 68 schematics from Fender directly and found out that they have the same R64 820 Ohm resistor for negative feedback than the 65 RI. I do spot that R52 is half the value of the same in the AB763 schematic (47R in the 68 vs 100R in the 65), and this influences the NFB as well I think and sets the whole PI-setting. Can't hurt to replace that by a 100R and see what it does.

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